Question: How will my child benefit from camp?

At camp a child will learn interpersonal skills, will improve his/her ability to take care of him/herself, will live close to nature and will be involved in a variety of sports.

Question: What makes the Saronida Summer Camp special?

Because of its long-standing tradition, the small number of children, the specialised personnel, the excellent living conditions and the organised program, the Camp guarantees a high quality level of services, giving it a family character with emphasis on care, safety and entertainment of children.

Question: How long has the Saronida Summer Camp been operating?

The Summer Camp started in 1961 in Ekali as the first sports camp in Greece.

Question: Where is the Saronida Summer Camp located?

In 1969, the Camp relocated to its present site at the Mavro Lithari area, between Saronida and Anavyssos, over an area of 2.2 hectares among pine covered hills and at a short distance from the sea.

Question: How many children stay at the Camp?

During each three-week camp period, the Camp hosts a maximum of 180 children, aged 6-16, divided into groups according to their age and gender.

Question: What is the layout of the children's accommodation?

The children reside in dormitories with their own closet and night table. We supply the sheets and blankets.

Question: Who is in charge of cleaning the facilities?

The cleaning of the buildings (dormitories and dining room) is the responsibility of the camp's cleaning personnel and takes place at least twice daily.

Question: Who is in charge of camp life?

Each age group is under the responsibility of two instructors who are constantly with their group. The co-ordination of groups and the organising of group activities are the responsibility of the Camp leader, who is also a physical education teacher, with 20 years of Camp experience.

Question: How is children's camp life organised?

Life at camp is organised in such a way so as to ensure that children participate in a wide range of activities, always with the assistance and under the guidance of the instructors responsible for each group.

Question: What is the philosophy of the Saronida Summer Camp?

Our philosophy is centred on the personal interaction we have with children and our main concern is their safe entertainment.